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2012: It's all but over

A roundup of front pages:

The New York Times: “Romney adds 3 victories and clashes with Obama.”
The Washington Post: “Romney bolsters his case to GOP with triple win.”
The Wall Street Journal: “Romney rolls up three wins.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Romney hat trick.”
The Wisconsin State Journal: “Romney tightens grip on GOP nomination.”
The Green Bay Press-Gazette: “Romney takes state, momentum.”
The Baltimore Sun: “Romney sweep.”
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Santorum steels self to extend campaign.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer: “With hope fading, Santorum staying in.”

GINGRICH: “Gingrich said Tuesday he is committed to carrying the banner of bold conservative colors all the way to Tampa to ensure, in his words, ‘the Republican Party never abandons the timeless conservative principles,’” the AP writes.

ROMNEY: “Mitt Romney won the Maryland Republican presidential primary broadly and deeply, besting chief rival Rick Santorum among conservatives as well as moderates and emerging as the runaway favorite of those who care most about beating President Barack Obama and fixing the economy,” per the AP. “The trend was similar if less convincing in Wisconsin, Tuesday's other big win for Romney, where he made inroads with the right but faced a strong challenge for the votes of the young and evangelicals.”

GOP 12’s Heinze: “For months, Mitt Romney’s detractors have warned that he’s too moderate to win hardcore conservatives, too rich to connect with downscale voters, too cautious to rally Tea Party supporters, and too Mormon to convert evangelicals. Tuesday’s primaries, however, show these demographic groups suddenly moving into Romney’s camp.”

The New York Daily News’ lede: “Welcome to November.”

SANTORUM: The L.A. Times: “Rick Santorum rolls a gutter ball in Wisconsin GOP primary.”

Though Santorum refused to get out of the race last night, the Boston Globe’s Johnson writes that he “has begun to concede the 2012 race in his own way.”

More of this is likely to come… Charles Krauthammer said Santorum should drop out. “He's got a future,” Krauthammer said on Fox, “and why would he want to run three weeks from now in his home state where there's no upside? He's expected. He's expected, you're expected to win your home state. ... If he loses in his home state, he undoes all the good he did up until now….”

So does Matthew Dowd

And John McCain, a Romney surrogate. (By the way, when asked on CBS who Romney should pick as VP, he joked, "I think it should be Sarah Palin.")

The Philadelphia Daily News’ Baer: “Now that the Elmer Gantry tent-revival that's Rick Santorum's campaign finally is collapsing, he should fold it up and forgo his unofficial home-state primary.”