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Dems file complaint over Romney handing out free subs


A generous gesture? Or an attempt to buy votes?

Wisconsin Democrats are charging the latter, saying that Mitt Romney and his campaign broke Wisconsin law by handing out free sandwiches during a campaign event at Cousins Subs in Waukesha.

Wisconsin law, the state Democratic Party says, prohibits a campaign by offering anything over $1 in value to voters to get them to the polls or to refrain from voting.

Yet after handing out subs with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, Romney says:

"I want to thank you for voting. Get your friends to go vote; get some friends to go with you. That's how you can legally vote multiple times. So bring your friends out to the polling place, get out and vote. And if you want another sandwich, there are more back there."

The Romney campaign responded with this statement from spokesman Rick Gorka: "President Obama and his allies keep wading in to the Republican primary, whether voting for Mitt Romney's opponents or absurdly claiming we can't provide refreshments for volunteers. If President Obama focused half his time worrying about the economy as he does obsessing over Mitt Romney, Americans would be a lot better off."

Yet from our observations -- and from the video that the Wisconsin Democratic Party provided -- most of the people who received subs from Romney and Ryan were voters, not volunteers.