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2012: Pivot point

This AP headline, channeling yesterday’s First Thoughts, says it all: “Romney and Obama battle ahead of 3 GOP primaries.”

Off the hook: “Wisconsin voters are being deluged with "robocalls" in the GOP presidential race. The largest number appear to be coming from the Romney campaign, though Santo rum and the pro-Santorum Super PAC known as the Red, White and Blue Fund have been making calls,” the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes. “The calls contain some of the fiercest attacks being made in the primary, mostly targeted to GOP voters. As grating as they can be to some people, automated calls are a popular tool with contemporary campaigns.”

More: “Calls by the Romney campaign have ripped Santorum over earmarks and spending, accused him of being weak against unions, and portrayed him as erratic and inconsistent. Several of the Romney calls have made liberal use of Santorum's own voice. One features Santorum attacking Romney, which might seem odd in a message paid for by Romney. The purpose is to portray Santorum as shrill and over-the-top.”

AP has some facts and figures about DC’s and Maryland’s primaries.

ROMNEY: NBC’s Garrett Haake reports, Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul confirms the Wall Street Journal report that Romney's campaign and the RNC will begin raising money jointly this week. Further, a Romney campaign official confirms that Romney will begin raising his own general-election funds this week as well. "We have, as have all of the campaigns, talked with the Republican National Committee about how to best prepare to take on President Obama, including entering in to Joint Fundraising Committee,” Saul said. “Our donors are ready to mobilize for November and understand that, for the Republican nominee to be able to compete with the $1 billion Obama machine, they need to get started now.  We are confident Gov. Romney will be that nominee.”

The RNC says this should not be interpreted as the committee giving a nod toward Romney, because it offered the opportunity to all of the candidates.

The Baltimore Sun endorses Romney for today’s primary.

In primaries, competitors say some harsh things. The New Republic wraps the harshest that’s been said by Santorum and Gingrich of Mitt Romney – and notes that the quotes could come back to haunt them.

Romney faced a question about his Mormon faith and quickly shot it down.

SANTORUM: Santorum leads Romney by six points in Pennsylvania, 41%-35%, according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Gingrich (7%) is once again behind Ron Paul (10%).

Political Wire: “Key finding: With three weeks before the primary, 6% of likely voters remain undecided and 37% of those who name a candidate say they still could change their mind.”

GOP 12: “A big number, though, that probably bodes well for Mitt? 37% of likely primary voters say they might change their mind, and usually, Restore Our Future changes it for people. Santorum's saving grace might be that he's so well-known in the state that Restore Our Future can't turn him into quite the devil it usually does.”