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Congress: Ryan budget poised to pass

“The House on Thursday is poised to approve Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) budget measure, which would give Republicans a much-needed lift after months of intra-party squabbling,” The Hill says.

“After two failed efforts to pass a short-term extension of surface transportation law, House Republican leaders plan to take up a 90-day extension today in an effort to avert a shutdown of federal highway programs on Saturday,” Roll Call reports.

“House Republicans went on the offensive Wednesday in the fight over federal transportation funding, with a plan to pass an extension under normal House rules before they adjourn for recess,” The Hill writes. “A 90-day extension of current law that provides funding for road and transit projects, which expired in 2009, was sent to the House Rules Committee on Wednesday evening.”

“Hoping to use the two-week Easter recess to ramp up the GOP’s attacks on President Barack Obama’s energy policies, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy laid out a messaging agenda today designed to highlight the differences between the two parties’ energy development proposals,” Roll Call reports.