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Louisville fan McConnell toasts weekend game versus Kentucky


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), a die-hard fan of University of Louisville athletics, took to the Senate floor this morning to promote the big intrastate matchup in Saturday's Final Four.

McConnell promised the game between his Cardinals and the University of Kentucky Wildcats would be "one of the greatest moments in Kentucky sports history." He predicted the winner of the game would continue to win the entire tournament.

A giddy McConnell said, "Never have these two teams faced each other in the Final Four with the stakes so high. If the excitement and frenzy and turbulence that's been stirred up in Kentucky this week could be harnessed we could solve our energy crisis. Basketball fans from Kentucky have been waiting their whole lives for this game."

He even took a gentlemanly dig at the Duke-UNC rivalry. "So my friends in North Carolina can hear it, U of L and UK have the best rivalry in all of college basketball and the commonwealth of Kentucky is the best college basketball state in the nation," he said.

McConnell was the student body president at the University of Louisville. He also graduated from University of Kentucky law school.