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More 2012: More WI focus on Walker than on GOP primary

INDIANA: Stu Rothenberg: “[A]cknowledging that [Rep. Joe] Donnelly’s [D] chances of winning improve if [state Treasurer Richard] Mourdock [R] is his opponent is very different than saying that a Donnelly-Mourdock race would be a tossup. While it could well be competitive, Donnelly would be a clear underdog in the fall.”

Herman Cain’s PAC has a web video in which a rabbit is shot and killed to make a point about small business taxes. It was removed from YouTube by YouTube for a few hours yesterday, but is back up.

MAINE: It might be good to be (Angus) King, but pressure’s building for him to pick a caucus.

WISCONSIN: “Political yard signs and bumper stickers are plentiful in Wisconsin these days. They just don’t carry the names Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum,” Bloomberg writes. “Wisconsin Republicans are more focused on protecting their incumbent governor, Scott Walker, from recall than on the April 3 presidential primary in their state. Romney and Santorum have to convince party activists to focus some attention on them rather than solely on trying to protect Walker’s job in the recall election tentatively set for June 5, a vote triggered by anger over anti-union legislation the governor signed last year.”