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Gingrich criticizes Obama, charges attendees $50 per photo



HOCKESSIN, Del. -- Marking the first presidential candidate visit to Delaware this cycle, Newt Gingrich criticized President Obama’s comments to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev as “alarming behavior.”

“This is a president who is amazingly destructive of American interests,” Gingrich said inside firehouse here. “He promises the Russian president as soon as he gets the election out of the way, he'll sell out the American missile defense system. They need to give him a little ‘space’ so he can be flexible right after the election.”

Gingrich, who spoke before a county-level Republican meeting on Monday evening, focused his roughly 40-minute speech on energy – a theme he hopes will carry him to a comeback in the race.

“I believe you can develop a Republican campaign that despite a billion dollars in Obama money, despite the bias of the elite media, despite the power of the incumbent presidency,” he said. “You can defeat him by picking your fights carefully and sticking to them.”

Monday’s event, held in a state that doesn’t vote for another three weeks, also seemed to signal a new phase in the campaign. Event attendees were allowed to take pictures with the candidate for $50 per photo. Before tonight, supporters took photos with Gingrich for free.

Charging for photos, in addition to news that the campaign canceled a trip to North Carolina, contributes to the narrative that Gingrich is struggling to stay afloat financially.  

But, Gingrich continues to vow to stay in the race even until Delaware votes on April 24th.

“It would mean a whole lot and I do think if we win Delaware it helps reset this campaign for the ninth or tenth time. This has been the wildest roller coaster I have ever seen,” Gingrich said, speaking to hundreds. “You can make history here in Delaware and both Callista and I will be back regularly for the next few weeks because we do need your help and we do want your support.”