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Obama agenda: Court watching.

The New York Times: “3-day marathon awaits lawyers in health case.”

The Washington Post: “A calm before deliberations” over a photo of the Supreme Court.

Wall Street Journal: “Health law heads to court: Justices hear challenge in case that broadly tests boundaries of federal power.”

The New York Times: “The Supreme Court on Monday starts three days of hearings on the constitutionality of the 2010 health care overhaul law, an epic clash that could recast the very structure of American government. But it begins with a 90-minute argument on what a lawyer in the case has called ‘the most boring jurisdictional stuff one can imagine.’” More: “Indeed, the lawyer, Paul D. Clement, who represents the 26 states challenging the law, said this month in remarks at the Georgetown University Law Center that the first day’s arguments are ‘a kind of practical joke that the court is playing on the public.’”

“The U.S. Supreme Court opens today its historic review of President Barack Obama’s health- care law, three days of arguments that might result in the president’s premier legislative achievement being found unconstitutional in the middle of his re-election campaign,” Bloomberg/Business Week writes.

AP: The monumental fight over a health care law that touches all Americans and divides them sharply comes before the Supreme Court on Monday. The justices will decide whether to kill or keep the largest expansion in the nation's social safety net in more than four decades.

AP on the politics: “The Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is likely to shake the presidential election race in early summer. But the winners in the court will not necessarily be the winners in the political arena.”

Msnbc.com’s Tom Curry looks at the potential aftermath of several possible scenarios.

The Obama campaign has announced its top staff who will be accompanying Vice President Biden on the trail: “Sheila Nix has been named chief of staff to the vice president; Scott Mulhauser has been named deputy chief of staff; Sam B. "Trip" King III has been named political director; Amy Dudley has been named press secretary; Nora Cohen has been named deputy director of advance; and Virginia Lance has been named scheduler.”