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Gingrich says Obama's behavior fuels suspicion about his religion


PORT FOURCHON, LA -- Newt Gingrich said while he believes President Obama is a Christian, the president conducts himself in a way that would fuel suspicions that he is a Muslim.

Asked by a reporter following a speech on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast Friday if it concerns him so many people in the country believe Obama is Muslim, Gingrich said it was the president’s problem.

"It should bother the president. Why does the president behave the way that people would think that [he is a Muslim]?” Gingrich said. ”You have to ask why would they believe that? It's not because they're stupid. It's because they watch the kind of things I just described to you.”

The former House speaker had already told reporters at the Port Fourchon Operations Center he finds it “very bizarre that he is desperately concerned to apologize to Muslim religious fanatics” and is at war with the Catholic Church.

Gingrich did note this afternoon: “I have said publicly several times that I believe Obama is a Christian. He went to a Christian church for over 20 years. He was listening to the sermons.”

Earlier this week in Lake Charles, LA, the Speaker passed on the opportunity to correct a man who told the crowd Obama is a Muslim even though later that day he told a reporter he does believe Obama to be Christian.

But today’s comments on Obama’s faith also come just a day after Gingrich referenced “Obama’s Muslim friends” on a radio program.

Gingrich was asked on “Sandy Rios In the Morning radio show” about the press going over the details of Mormonism – Mitt Romney’s faith.

“First, look you need to understand the elite media is in the tank for Obama. They’re going to do anything that helps re-elect Obama. They’re totally committed to Obama. It is just astonishing to me how pro-Obama they are,” he responded. “You think you’re going to see two pages on Obama’s Muslim friends? Or two pages on the degree to which Obama’s persistently apologizing to Islam while attacking the Catholic Church? Do you see anybody in the elite media prepared to see say, ‘Gee, you know this is kind of odd that we really worry a lot about the Quran and nothing about the Bible?”