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More 2012: Lugar's problems continue

FLORIDA: Political Wire: “The Hotline notes that the Florida Republican party has made a ‘very substantial’ television ad buy touting Florida Gov. Rick Scott's (R) record as he seeks to recover from dismal approval numbers.”

INDIANA: “Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar’s residency problems just grew more uncomfortable: He’s reimbursing the Treasury for erroneously billing taxpayers for a series of hotel stays in Indianapolis in recent years. The long-serving Senate Republican said because of staff errors, taxpayer money was improperly used to pay for about $4,500 in hotel expenses over the past decade. After an inquiry from Politico, Lugar’s office investigated and acknowledged the issue, and the senator is now taking steps to repay the money.”

The NRCC is going after a Super PAC trying to defeat incumbents and which the Wall Street Journal partially credits with taking down Reps. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) and Don Manzullo (R-IL). “As The Wall Street Journal reported this week, the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is trying to maintain the GOP’s large majority in the House, has warned that companies who help campaign against incumbents might find their services are no longer needed by some parts of the Republican Party,” it writes.