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GOP super PAC airs ads countering Obama tour


The political undertones of President Obama's energy-related tour of swing states haven't been lost by the Republican super PAC American Crossroads, which launched new TV ads in the states where the president will stop.

As NBC News’ Ali Weinberg pointed out, Obama's tour will tout his energy policies in states that have stubbornly high gas prices.

But Crossroads, the brainchild of former Bush operatives Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, isn't content to let that message go uncontested; the group made a $650,000 ad buy in Albuquerque, Las Vegas and Columbus -- the major media markets near the locations of Obama's stops.

The blistering attack ad suggests that the Obama administration allowed for gas to go up by $2 dollars a gallon, and neglected to develop American oil shale or support construction of the Keystone pipeline. It also uses sound from National Journal’s Major Garrett, who says in the ad: “At the White House for 3 weeks, the word has been deflect or shield on gas prices. Put up the deflector shield.”

The ad can be seen here:

Tell President Obama: bad energy policies mean energy prices we can't afford.

The size and scope of the ad buy demonstrates the influences of these deep-pocketed super PACs during the 2012 election cycle. Instead of dominating the local airwaves with his own message in swing states, the president will have to contend with countermessaging from a well-funded group of mainly unknown donors pushing back on his every word.