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Ronald Reagan knew lions had to hunt antelope

More classic Gingrich today in Barrington, Ill., per NBC's Alex Moe:

"You should define for yourself what your dreams are, and I would argue that one of the great weaknesses of American culture right now is we haven't had a conversation about the size dreams we need for a country of 305 million people or 310 million people. You don't lead a country this size with tiny things.

"There is a rule in Biology called hyper carnivia that basically says that lions can't afford to hunt chipmunks because even if they catch them, they starve to death. Lions have to hunt antelope and zebra.

"Ronald Reagan understood this and so Ronald Reagan came into office..."

We're not totally certain of "hyper carnivia," its spelling, or what it is. The closest we could come up with is this. (Any biologists out there?)