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More 2012: Tight race in Louisiana

Stu Rothenberg reminds that there are ideological fights on the left as well as the right, especially in House races. “[T]hose fights exist, and they could well presage a larger fight within the party at some point in the future, either during a second Obama term or after he leaves office,” Rothenberg writes.

FLORIDA: “Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), already under fire for allegations he bribed his primary opponent to drop out of the race, questioned the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate at a town-hall meeting,” The Hill writes. Stearns said, “"The question is, is it legitimate? That’s where we stand now. I’ve seen a copy of it on television. But you know the governor of Hawaii couldn’t get what he felt was an original of the birth certificate. He tried to do it and gave up on it."

LOUISIANA: “A new WWL-TV poll in Louisiana finds Rick Santorum with a small lead in the GOP presidential race at 25%, followed by Mitt Romney at 21%, Newt Gingrich at 20% and Ron Paul at 6%,” Political Wire writes.

UTAH: Romney appears in an ad endorsing Sen. Orrin Hatch. Hatch faces key district conventions Thursday. Romney, in past polls, has been the most popular politician in Utah.

TEXAS: “The Justice Department on Monday blocked a new Texas law that requires government-issued photo identification at the polls, further inflaming an intense and racially charged election-year debate over voting requirements,” The Hill writes. “Republicans blasted the Obama administration’s move as purely political and said the ID requirement is necessary to prevent fraud and election tampering.”

MoveOn.org has an ad out called, “GOP War on Women.” The group says it’s running the ad on national cable.