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In new mailers, Obama uses health-care law to woo women


Many would contend that the passage of the controversial health-care law led, in large measure, to the sweeping 2010 election that put Republicans in control of the House.

But the Obama campaign is banking on the health-care law being its key to one vitally important group for reelection in 2012 -- women.

Mailers obtained by First Read (first mailer, second mailer) currently going out in battleground states from the Democratic National Committee make a concerted push to women on health care, in particular touting the preventive care benefits that are already in effect. (The New York Times Saturday reported that mailers would go out today.)

One mailer depicts a husband and wife sitting around a kitchen table with coffee mugs and a calculator. The text might lead the Romney campaign to charge that Democrats are resorting to “class warfare.”

“Wealthy families already get good health care,” the front page reads. Below that, it asks, “How will America’s new health care law help you?” And lists “3 ways” it is doing so, including, “preventing discrimination against women like you,” “banning insurance caps on needed care,” and “keeping your kids covered until age 26.” It also refers to a website called, “NewHealthCareLaw.com,” which is run by Obama for America, the Obama reelection campaign arm.

All of the pictures – aside from the front page one with the husband and wife – are of women. In the second mailer, both the doctor and patient are also women.

The second mailer’s first page depicts a doctor saying, “You may now get many of your preventive care services for FREE.” And: “For a list of preventive services for women available without co-pays thanks to America’s New Health Care Law, please read inside.”

The second page rattles off some of the preventive services, like screenings for breast and cervical cancers, domestic and interpersonal violence, gestational diabetes, HIV, HPV, as well as free contraception, breastfeeding support, and well-woman visits.