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Romney mocks pro-Obama film as 'infomercial'

JACKSON, MS -- Mitt Romney on Friday mocked a 17-minute video about President Obama's first term in office as an "infomercial" that glosses over the president's failures.

"The president's people put together a 17-minute infomercial. They're calling it a documentary. I don't think so. It’s an infomercial," Romney said of the film, "The Road We've Traveled," by producer/director Davis Guggenheim.

At his second and final campaign appearance in Mississippi, which hosts its primary on Tuesday, took particular umbrage at Guggenheim's suggestion last night on CNN that the only challenge in making the film was that the president had "too many accomplishments" to fit into 17 minutes.

"I have some suggestions for the president and for the producer," Romney said today at a town hall in Jackson. "First of all, talk to the 24 million Americans who are out of work or underemployed in this country."

Ticking off a list of people he said were negatively affected by Obama's policies with whom Guggenheim should have spoken, Romney concluded: "I’ll tell ya, I’ve got a long list of people for that producer to talk to, and I’ll if someone’s looking for things that the president’s done wrong, it’s a long, long, long list."

Romney renewed his assault on the president just hours after the monthly employment reports showed the U.S. economy had added 227,000 jobs last month, while the 8.3 percent unemployment rate held steady.

The former Massachusetts governor ignored reporters’ questions about the report, and did not address it in his remarks, leveling his usual criticisms at the president instead.

"Don't forget by the way that this President, how many months ago was it, 37 months ago, told us that if he could borrow $787 billion, almost $1 trillion, he would keep unemployment below 8 percent.  It has not been below 8 percent since. This president has not succeeded, this president has failed, and that's the reason we're going to get rid of him in 2012," Romney said to a standing ovation.

Romney received a warm welcome here, and responded in kind, again praising the Southern cooking he's enjoyed during his brief swing through the region.

"Mornin' y'all. Good to be with you," Romney said at the beginning of his remarks. "I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits. I'll tell you! Delicious."