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Reporting for duty: Trump ready to do more calls for Romney

Donald Trump is on the phone, and he wants you to vote for Mitt Romney.

The business mogul and reality television star is preparing to record more robo-calls on behalf of the Romney campaign in upcoming primary states, his spokesman says, after he made similar calls in Michigan and Ohio -- and earned "The Donald" thankful shoutouts from Ann Romney on election nights in Michigan and again on Tuesday.

"As the Romney campaign determines that a robo-call is necessary to help them win that state's primary or caucus, Mr. Trump will do it," Trump spokesman Michael Cohen said, adding the Romney campaign has asked Trump to record more state-specific calls, but that he has not done so yet.

Cohen would not disclose the states in which Trump was asked to record calls, or whether there was a Romney campaign-approved script completed for any further calls. 

Contrary to some reports, future calls would be tailored to each state, and there are no plans for a national Trump robo-call on behalf of Romney, Trump's spokesperson told NBC news this afternoon.

"There is not going to be one message that the Romney campaign is going to send out to everybody in the United States," Cohen said.

The dance between the tightly scripted Romney campaign and the famously bombastic Trump is a delicate one. Trump has conducted more than a dozen radio interviews in battleground states on Romney's behalf -- and has helped raise money for the former Massachusetts governor, but has not appeared in public with Romney since endorsing in February in Nevada.

When Romney met with Trump last fall in New York City, the Romney campaign took pains to avoid a news media photo-op of the two men together, positioning an aide out front to wait with the press, while Romney entered through a side door.

Trump will be in the same room with Romney next week, but away from the public eye. Trump's spokesperson says that Trump will be involved fundraising events on Romney's behalf in New York City next week.

"Mr. Trump, as well as myself on Mr. Trump's behalf, will be involved in the upcoming New York fundraisers," Cohen said, vowing to "continue to solicit individuals on Mr. Trump's extensive rolodex to attend one of the several fundraisers or just to contribute."

The Romney campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on where and when new robo-calls might be released, or when Trump and Romney might campaign together.