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More 2012: Incumbents beware

OHIO: In maybe the surprise of the night, GOP incumbent Rep. Jean Schmidt lost in her primary race last night in OH-2, 49%-43%. Say hello most likely to Rep. Brad Wenstrup, an Iraq vet.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich lost handily to Rep. Marcy Kaptur, 56%-40%. The two Democrats were thrown into a primary because of redistricting. That makes Kucinich and Schmidt the first incumbents to lose of the 2012 cycle.

Kaptur, by the way, will face off this fall in OH-9 with none other than Samuel Wurzelbacher. That’s right, Joe the Plumber is an official party nominee for a seat to the U.S. Congress.

Speaking of incumbents, former Rep. Charlie Wilson’s back. After being ousted from Congress, he’s vying again. He won his Democratic primary in OH-6 handily, 82%-13%. He’ll face Republican Bill Johnson. But another former Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy wasn’t as lucky. The Democrat who more underperformed President Obama in winning reelection in 2008 than any other member of Congress in the country was edged in her quest to get back to Congress, 38%-35% by Joyce Beatty.