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NBC: Romney wins Virginia

NBC News has projected Mitt Romney the winner in Virginia, where just he and Ron Paul were on the ballot.

NBC's John Bailey notes that Romney may very well get all of Virginia's 46 delegates at stake tonight, because of how the delegates are allocated -- 33 are winner take all by congressional district; the 13 at-large delegates are proportional by statewide vote, provided a candidate gets at least 15% of the vote. But a candidate can take all of those delegates if they win a majority in the state.

To play along at home and when to expect calls and characterizations from the NBC News Elections desk, here are the final poll closing times in each state:

7:00 pm ET: Georgia, Virginia, Vermont
7:30 pm ET
: North Dakota, Ohio
8:00 pm ET
: Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee
9:00 pm ET
: Wyoming
10:00 pm ET
: Idaho
Midnight ET
: Alaska