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Obama agenda: All options on the table

Obama to AIPAC over the weekend: "Iran's leaders should know that I do not have a policy of containment. I have a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. And as I've made clear time and again during the course of my presidency, I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests."

“For Mr. Obama, the speech, before some of Israel’s loudest and staunchest supporters in the United States, was a political high-wire act, an effort to demonstrate his commitment to Israel’s security without signaling American support for a pre-emptive strike against Iran. And it was an effort to confront the Republican presidential candidates who have turned the Iranian nuclear issue into the top item in their litmus test for demonstrating support for Israel,” the New York Times adds.

The New York Daily News: “The strongly worded speech before the pro-Israel lobby came on the eve of the commander-in-chief's tense White House head-to-head with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who fears a second Holocaust should Tehran get the bomb.”

The New York Post: “Israel will wait until after the US presidential election in November to bomb Iran’s nuclear plants, under a deal being hashed out by the two allies this past week. President Obama plans to reassure Benjamin Netanyahu tomorrow at the White House that the United States will make sure Iran doesn’t build a nuclear weapon, as long as the Israeli prime minister delays his attack plans, according to a report in The Sunday Times of London.”

‘A sense of his soul?’ Vladimir Putin was elected Russia’s president. The New York Daily News: “Czar-in-the-making Vladimir Putin will keep his stranglehold on the Kremlin for another six years. The 59-year-old autocrat was elected president of Russia on Sunday in an election that observers charge was riddled with fraud, intimidation and ballot-box stuffing.”

The Moscow Times: “Tearful Putin Declares Victory at Rally.”

A Catholic Cardinal continued to ramp up the rhetoric against Obama and birth control.