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Shake up at Cantor's office

This morning, NBC News confirmed that Deputy Chief of Staff to Eric Cantor, Brad Dayspring, has resigned. Steve Stombres, Cantor's chief of staff released the following statement:

"Deputy Chief of Staff Brad Dayspring has resigned to pursue other opportunities. Brad will be missed and we wish Brad all the best luck in his future endeavors.  He was a valued employee and did an outstanding job defining and defending our Republican Majority." 

Late last night, rumors of Dayspring's departure began circulating around Capitol Hill. At this point, the circumstances surrounding his departure are unknown and sources close to the situation have been uncharacteristically tight lipped citing a respect for office privacy.

Dayspring, well known in Washington for his hard-charging and sometimes combative demeanor with the press, had achieved a reputation as a "ferocious pit bull," according to a GOP aide.

Deeply loyal to his former boss, perhaps more than anybody else, Dayspring had been involved in the cultivation of Cantor's political image as, an aide described, a "consistent conservative" over the last two-and-a-half years.

While Dayspring will leave the confines of his second floor office at the Capitol, he won't be straying too far from the Cantor operation, as he'll take a job with Cantor's Super PAC the "Young Gun Action Fund."

John Murray, the group's president and Cantor's former deputy chief of staff, wrote:

"It is with great enthusiasm that we're adding Brad Dayspring as a Senior Advisor to our team. When Young Guns was formed it was designed to help leaders like Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy chart a new course for the center-right movement and the House majority. Brad's years of work both on capitol hill and in the campaign world are a perfect blend to help take us to the next level."

Frank Thorp contributed to this report.