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More 2012: Super Tuesday awaits

OHIO: Santorum's lead in Ohio has stayed put, but the outcome in Michigan is likely to mix up the race there.

Early vote turnout in Hamilton County is notably low, says the Cincinnati Enquirer.

TENNESSEE: Gingrich's team is working aggressively in Tennessee, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Paid Gingrich campaign staffers have been pouring into Tennessee, where they have opened at least three campaign offices, said state Rep. Tony Shipley, a Republican from Kingsport who is the Tennessee state director for Gingrich's campaign."

Writes the Tennesseean: "One in five registered voters in Tennessee believes Mormonism is a “cult,” a description that could suggest deep-seated prejudice against Romney. But according to a recent poll by Vanderbilt University, this group is still likely to support Romney in November if he captures the Republican nomination, in part because of misgivings about his likely Democratic opponent."