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More 2012: Looking Grimm

ARIZONA: “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) does not intend to appear before a Senate immigration panel to defend her support of the state’s controversial and far-reaching anti-illegal immigration law,” Roll Call writes. Brewer also didn’t attend last night’s White House dinner for the nation’s sitting governors. “Brewer, whose finger-pointing confrontation with Obama last month has become a symbol for political polarization, told NBC's Meet the Press that she has prior engagements. When NBC's David Gregory asked ‘are you showing disrespect for the office of the president?’ Brewer replied: ‘Well, I hope that it isn't disrespect.’ ‘I would not disrespect the president of the United States,’ Brewer said. ‘I have other commitments.’”

MASSACHUSETTS: “Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) has asked Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) to pull a radio ad off the air that invokes the name of his late father, former Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.). But Brown's campaign says he won't oblige,” The Hill writes.

MISSOURI: Claire McCaskill began running her first ad Thursday. It includes the tag line, “Claire says, ‘Make it in Missoura.’” Roll Call has more.

NEW YORK: The cover of the New York Daily News Sunday is about Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm with the headline: “The crook and the pol.” The story’s lede: “Staten Island  Rep. Michael Grimm urged a federal judge to spare a New York-based developer with three bribery-related convictions from serving a day in prison, the Daily News has learned. Grimm sought leniency for Thomas Kontogiannis in 2008, before Grimm entered Congress as a Republican and after he had left a career as an FBI agent. Kontogiannis then faced sentencing on his third conviction — for helping funnel $1 million in bribe money to former Rep. Randy (Duke) Cunningham (R-Calif).”

Grimm said in a written statement: “I can say unequivocally that I performed all such duties — including interactions with witnesses, cooperators and informants — in full conformance with FBI and (Justice Department) policies and applicable law. The reality is that undercover officers and agents, as I was, have to work with criminals and deal with bad people regularly in the course of effectively investigating and ultimately enforcing the law.”