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2012: Costanza

GINGRICH: NBC’s Alex Moe reports that, for the first time in weeks, Gingrich mentioned and attacked Romney by name last night in Coeur d’Alene, ID, and attacked him as being an “amateur.” Gingrich added, “He’s not a severe conservative, he is at times severely distanced”; hit him on gun rights and abortion; and “I wasn’t sure what resolute meant, but it sounded good.”

ROMNEY: “It won't be hard to fit 1,200 members of the Detroit Economic Club into 65,000-seat Ford Field for today's speech by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney,” the Detroit Free Press writes. “What will be hard is making it look like Romney isn't speaking to a nearly empty stadium. The Romney campaign and the Economic Club think they've solved the problem. The guests will be seated at one end of the playing surface, roughly between the end zone and the 30-yard line, while Romney will speak from a stage in front of them."

More: “They scrapped three earlier plans: one to have Romney stand in the end zone, speaking up to guests seated in the stands; another to have him on the sidelines near midfield, speaking to guests seated in the stadium's middle sections, and an initial plan to hold the event at the Westin Book Cadillac, which quickly became oversold. Steve Grigorian, chief operating officer for the Economic Club, said the two earlier Ford Field plans were changed because camera angles would have made it appear there was no one in the stadium but Romney.”

An ad run by the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future called “Saved” is exactly the same ad as one the Romney campaign ran in 2007 called “The Search.” Super PACs and campaigns can’t coordinate, and Restore Our Future says it did not. "We purchased the rights to the footage from its owner Cold Harbor Films, which did not entail interacting with the Romney campaign," according to Restore Our Future Treasurer Charlie Spies, who was the chief financial officer and counsel for Romney's 2008 campaign. Cold Harbor Films is an arm of National Media, an ad firm run by Alex Castellanos, who was a strategist for the Romney 2008 campaign.

The Boston Globe: “Factcheck finds Mitt Romney wrong in describing state law on emergency contraception.”

“Romney has struggled with the Tea Party, and polls show movement activists remain skeptical of him in Michigan. But he seemed well-received among the crowd here tonight, and a standard line from his stump speech – ‘I believe in America’ – spurred a standing ovation,” the Boston Globe writes from a Tea Party rally in Milford, MI, with Romney, last night.

The New York Post says Mitt Romney’s trying to send Rick Santorum to the “principles’ office.” “Mitt Romney, hoping to harness Tea Party-fueled resentment of DC and regain the initiative in Michigan, pounded Rick Santorum yesterday for a series of cumbersome defenses that Santorum gave of his Senate voting record during Wednesday night’s debate,” the paper writes.

Even though he endorsed Romney, former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is calling for a third-party movement, NBC’s Jo Ling Kent reports.

George Costanza didn’t like Romney invoking him at the debate.

SANTORUM: “Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter said his former Senate colleague Rick Santorum was wrong when Santorum recounted a conversation they had about judicial nominees during last night’s Republican presidential debate,” the Boston Globe reports of Specter speaking on the Michael Smerconish radio program yesterday. “Specter said he made no such commitment. ‘He is not correct,’ Specter said. ‘I made no commitment to him about supporting judges. That would have been the wrong thing to do. As chairman of the committee I supported [Justices John] Roberts and [Samuel] Alito because I thought they were qualified for the job. But I made no deal.’ Specter said he had no conversation with Santorum in which he made a commitment about supporting judges who had not yet been nominated. ‘I wouldn’t do that,’ Specter said.”

Politifact Ohio gives Santorum a "false" for his claim that Romney backed cap and trade.