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More 2012: Will Babeu come up tonight?

ARIZONA: The Arizona Republic lists "The Babeu factor" in its themes to watch for tonight's debate. "Romney can consider himself lucky if Babeu's name doesn't come up at the forum, but CNN moderators at past debates have not been shy about injecting late-breaking controversies into their line of questioning."

The Republic also notes that Romney’s fundraising in the state has slipped since his last run.

GEORGIA: The Atlanta Journal Constitution: "The pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future is training its anti-ads on a resurgent Rick Santorum in Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi. But, in Georgia, the group continues to gun for the man who used to call this place home: Newt Gingrich. A Restore Our Future ad that broke Tuesday night on Atlanta TV stations questions Gingrich’s ties and allegiances to former President Ronald Reagan, whom Gingrich often invokes in speeches and debates. It features a black-and-white clip from a 1986 speech in which the then-Georgia congressman declares, “President Reagan is clearly failing.”"

MICHIGAN: Michiganders are being bombarded with robo-calls, writes the Detroit Free Press. "Some freep.com readers said Tuesday that they had heard messages from former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. But most said the majority of the messages they heard were from former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. His robocalls included one in which his wife, Ann Romney, spoke about her husband and another replaying Santorum's endorsement of Mitt Romney, a Michigan native, in the 2008 presidential election. (It indicates it was from 2008)."