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Obama agenda: GOP targets 'Solyndra economy'

The Hill: “One year after it began, House Republicans are not letting up in their investigation of the $535 million loan guarantee to the failed solar firm Solyndra. Though the probe has not uncovered evidence of cronyism at the White House, the GOP sees an election-year advantage in pummeling President Obama on Solyndra, and hopes to turn it into a symbol of what they say is a failed administration.”

More: “House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans marked the Solyndra investigation’s one-year anniversary on Friday with a new catch-phrase they hope will follow the president on the campaign trail: ‘the Solyndra economy.’ They argue that the Solyndra loan guarantee is emblematic of the president’s heavy-handed approach to job creation. Republicans say they are the champions of the “Keystone economy,” named for the Alberta-to-Texas oil pipeline that the GOP strongly supports.

“Michigan has become squirm central for Republican presidential candidates who are trying to explain their opposition to the auto bailout before the big primary in the home of automakers. Their tale is terribly tangled, and President Barack Obama isn't telling it straight either,” AP writes. “Obama, in taking credit, and Republicans, in assigning blame, have ignored one driving force behind the love-it-or-hate-it bailout: George W. Bush in the waning days of his presidency. Moreover, GOP rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum would have people believe the United Auto Workers union runs General Motors and the government "gave" it away, neither true.”

“The first lady is to appear via conference call at the ‘Women for Obama’ gatherings, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign said in an e-mail sent to supporters last night,” Bloomberg reports. The news service’s headline: “Michelle Obama Courts Women Voters by Touting Free Access to Contraception.”