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More 2012: Half of ads negative

If you thought the ad wars this year were even more negative than ever before, you were right.  A study by ad tracker CMAG/KANTAR media shows that just 6% of campaign ads in 2008 were negative in the GOP primary. This year, that number has jumped to 50 percent. And you have Super PACs to thank for that. They have run more ads than the candidates themselves. And the Super PACs have spent about three-quarters of their cash on negative ads. And, get this, 100% of Restore Our Future’s and American Crossroads’ ads have been negative.

“Foreign policy, mostly an afterthought in the presidential contest so far, is emerging as a focal point between President Obama and his Republican challengers - and no issue has more potential to be a game-changer than Iran’s development of a nuclear program, according to several specialists,” the Boston Globe notes.

A little early for veepstakes, but… “The top GOP picks for veep were up-and-coming Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, surging GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum and superstar New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, according to the Fairleigh Dickinson University poll,” the New York Post notes.