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An update on Obama's January fundraising


After the Obama campaign filed its January report with the Federal Election Commission, we're getting some additional details on Obama's haul for last month.

First, the campaign itself raised $11.9 million, while the DNC and Obama Victory Fund made up the rest to get to today's earlier reported figure of $29.1 million.

That $11.9 million is far LESS than what Team Obama raised in January of 2008 (nearly $37 million). But in fairness, he was competing in a heavily competitive primary with Hillary Clinton back then. Now? He's just watching on the GOP race on the sidelines.

Perhaps more importantly, the Obama campaign has nearly $76 million cash on hand as of Jan. 31.

As an Obama campaign official tells First Read: "We're putting this money in the bank, and not in a competitive primary. The Republicans are spending whatever there raise."

We've yet to see numbers for the remaining GOP candidates.