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Obama agenda: $29 million raised in January

“President Barack Obama raised more than $29 million for his campaign and for the Democratic Party in January, a strong fundraising month that put him ahead of the pace he set in the last quarter of 2011,” the New York Daily News writes.

"President Obama has outraised the top Republican presidential fundraiser in two-thirds of the country, including battleground states such as Pennsylvania and North Carolina considered crucial to his re-election prospects, a USA TODAY analysis shows. In 19 states, Obama collected more than his four major GOP rivals combined." 

“Republicans hoping to take down both abortion and President Obama in 2012 think they have a winning issue in the debate over ‘personhood,’” the New York Daily News reports. “In several states, new legislation defining human life as beginning at conception - not birth - is being voted on, making it a hot-button social issue a key factor in the election cycle. Just this week, Republican lawmakers in Virginia passed a personhood bill in the key battleground state's House of Delegates. And in Oklahoma, the Senate overwhelmingly gave the green light to a similar plan on Wednesday.”