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Bachmann suggests she'll wait to endorse GOP nominee

Former '12 GOP candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., joins Morning Joe to discuss life after campaigning, whom she'll support for president, the payroll tax cut, President Obama, and her advice for the remaining '12 candidates.


Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann suggested she may wait to endorse whomever wins the Republican nomination in her first appearance Wednesday on MSNBC since dropping out of the presidential race.

"My decision’s already made. I’m on board with whoever the nominee will be, because I’m all in for defeating Barack Obama in the upcoming election," Bachmann said, adding later, "I just think it’s very clear that we haven’t seen any of the candidates make the final sale."

The remarks cast further doubt that Bachmann will make an endorsement in the coming weeks.

(A report in the Boston Globe that Bachmann was in “negotiations” to endorse Mitt Romney days before the Minnesota caucuses won pushback from the Congresswoman herself, who declared the story “completely false.”)

Asked whether her resistance to endorsing is a signal that the field is weak, Bachmann deferred, drawing a parallel to 2008.

"We saw Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton literally giving each other black eyes,” Bachmann said.
“It wasn’t pretty four years ago, on the Democrat side of the ticket,” she continued, adding, “I think once our side decides on a candidate, then we’ll lock arms, we will be all-in together.”

The payroll tax cut fight also came up during her interview.  Bachmann reiterated her opposition to the cut, insisting as she often did during her run that the money was drawn from a “social security trust fund.”

“When you go to the general treasury and open the door to that vault, only moths and feathers fly out.  There’s nothing in there.  We’re broke,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann dropped out of the race on Jan. 4, one day after finishing last among the Republican candidates competing in the Iowa caucuses.