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Obama agenda: Looking for a way out

NBC’s Kristen Welker reported on “TODAY” that it’s very likely there will be an announcement today on the contraception issue to allay concerns of religious leaders.

“Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he is ‘determined’ to find a solution to the controversial birth control issue and that the administration is making ‘a significant attempt to work this out,’” The Hill writes of Biden’s appearance on a Cincinnati radio show, adding, “ ‘As a practicing Catholic, I am of the view that this can be worked out and should be worked out and I know the president feels the same way,’ the vice president told Cincinnati radio station WLW, adding that the ‘frustration’ voiced in recent days ‘is real.’”

“Ten states now have President Barack Obama’s OK to scrap one of the most rigorous and unpopular mandates in American education — that all students measure up in reading and math by 2014. In exchange, the states had to promise they would raise standards and develop more creative ways to measure what students are learning,” AP notes. “‘We’ve offered every state the same deal,’ Obama said Thursday. ‘If you’re willing to set higher, more honest standards than the ones that were set by No Child Left Behind, then we’re going to give you the flexibility to meet those standards.’”

Michelle Obama will raise money in Boston March 9.