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DeMint opens CPAC: 'We don't have shared goals with the Democrats'


Conservative Sen. Jim DeMint stressed an unyielding agenda for Republicans during an opening speech Thursday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

DeMint, a South Carolina senator and conservative icon, cast aspersions toward the notions of compromising with Democrats during a time in which political strife has dominated Capitol Hill.

"We don’t have shared goals with the Democrats. The democrats can’t cut spending. Their whole platform is based on promising more from government," DeMint told activists gathered in Washington, D.C.

"Every time we compromise with Democrats, we spend more, we borrow more, we grow government," he said.

DeMint skewered the Obama administration in his speech, the first address as part of the three-day summit.

DeMint dealt mainly in broad strokes, outlining a “decentralized” approach to health care and transportation, DeMint argued for familiar themes to conservatives, including state’s rights and budget prudence.

One hot topic that came up – the Keystone pipeline, which DeMint said would ensure tens of thousands of jobs.

“Who could say no?  Folks, we’re not talking about complicated political philosophy here,” he said.