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Programming notes

*** Wednesday’s “Daily Rundown” line-up: Romney Campaign Senior Adviser Eric Fehrnstrom… The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Politico’s Jonathan Martin… AFT President Randi Weingarten on her group’s backing for President Obama in 2012 and what labor can do for him this time around… More 2012 news with former Bush 43 White House Political Director Sara Taylor Fagen, Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz, and Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress.

*** Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts” line-up: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts talks with USA Today’s Susan Page, Karen Finney, Maggie Gallagher, NOW President Terry O’Neil & AZ State Rep. Matt Heinz who’s running for Gabby Giffords’ seat.

*** Wednesday’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” line-up: Alex Wagner’s guests include Rolling Stone Editor Eric Bates, NBCLatino.com Political Commentator Alicia Menendez, Politico’s Maggie Haberman, New York Times Magazine Editor Hugo Lindgren, Obama Super PAC head Bill Burton, and New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman

*** Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up (guest hosted by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews): MSNBC’s Chris Matthews interviews Chuck Todd, Politico’s Jim Vandehei. Dem Rep. John Larson, Gillian Tett of the Financial Times, New York Magazine’s John Heilemann, Anjelica Huston, and the Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut.