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More 2012: On to the caucus states

COLORADO: “Colorado Republicans will get their chance to weigh in on who should be the party's nominee for president when they gather in schools, churches and neighbors' homes for GOP caucuses Tuesday night,” The Denver Post writes. Who can vote: “Participants must be registered to vote, be affiliated as a Republican for at least two months (as of Dec. 7, 2011) and have lived in their precinct 30 days. If you are not a registered Republican, you may still attend the caucus, but you may not participate in the presidential straw poll or precinct elections.”

“It may be a four-man race in Colorado, but one candidate clearly has had a head start,” USA Today writes. “Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the state's Republican caucuses with 60% of the vote in 2008, while his nearest competitor, Sen. John McCain, received 18%. Romney supporters here say the organization that led to that big win four years ago has never gone away. Romney's campaign is well organized and will have enough speakers to represent him at various precincts during caucuses Tuesday, said state Treasurer Walker Stapleton, Romney's honorary Colorado campaign chairman.”

MINNESOTA: “In a bid to clip Mitt Romney's break-away national momentum, the remaining Republican presidential candidates are scrambling to Minnesota to woo voters in the closing hours before Tuesday's precinct caucuses,” The Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes. “With the path to victory narrowing, the candidates are hoping that a victory in Minnesota convinces contributors and activists that they have the muscle to capture the nomination.”

“Santorum, who shook up the race by eking out a surprise victory in last month's Iowa caucuses, has been trying to rejuvenate his campaign after failing to win another state since then. On Sunday morning, Santorum visited Grace Church in Eden Prairie, telling congregants that God is directing his campaign. His talk focused almost exclusively on his Christian faith and his belief that ‘God has specifically blessed this country,’ rather than delving directly into politics. ‘I am trying to walk the path that Christ has laid out for me,’ Santorum told hundreds of congregants at the nondenominational megachurch.”

The St. Paul Pioneer-Press writes Santorum “recently has gained steam in Minnesota” because of a lead in a robo-poll.