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Bachmann Will seek re-election to Congress



Almost one month after abandoning her presidential campaign, Michele Bachmann today announced that she will be running for re-election to Congress in Minnesota.

Word of her plans, first conveyed to the Associated Press during a Jan. 25 interview, puts to rest questions about what Bachmann’s career would hold after her run for the GOP presidential nomination catapulted her into national headlines.

Bachmann was elected to Congress in 2006, during the year that Democrats swept congressional elections and took over majority of the US House and Senate.

Citing “the absolute need” to repeal the federal health-care law and the banking regulations embedded in the Dodd-Frank legislation, Bachmann declared in an email today that she is “not done."

“Our campaign [for president] changed the focus of this presidential election.”

Meanwhile, Bachmann’s presidential campaign still carries debt up to $447,000, according to 4th quarter numbers released Tuesday.

Bachmann ended her campaign on Jan. 4, one day after finishing in sixth place in the Iowa caucuses, last among the candidates competing in the state.