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Gingrich campaign challenges Florida's winner-take-all rules, scraping for 16 delegates

Newt Gingrich will challenge Florida's winner-take-all allocation system, spokesman R.C. Hammond said.

The campaign is asking Florida to award delegates proportionally based on the primary results. The campaign is sending a letter to the Florida Republican Party and are supposed to post it on Newt.org tonight.

Asked if Gingrich campaign would be doing this if Gingrich had won Florida, Hammond said, "Probably not."

On Tuesday, First Read explained the rules controversy. A Republican National Committee contest committee would have to take up a challenge filed by a Florida resident in August at the convention and determine whether to keep the rules as is or change them.

For context, if Florida were proportional, Gingrich would get 16 delegates, given the state has 50 delegates to allocate and he won 32% of the vote. Romney would wind up with 23, Santorum seven to eight, and Ron Paul between three and four. It would, however, lessen Romney's lead from 50 delegates in the state to seven.

The Republican Party Chairman of Florida responded by saying, "It is a shame when the loser of a contest agrees to the rules before, then cries foul after losing."