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Some warning signs for Romney, despite his impressive FL victory



Mitt Romney is well on his way to a decisive victory in the Florida primary, according to the early returns and exit polls.

And like in New Hampshire -- and unlike in South Carolina -- Romney is winning across the board among most voting groups.

But there are still some warning signs for him among conservative voters in Florida.

Among “very conservative voters” –- 33% of the electorate (compared with 36% in South Carolina) –- Newt Gingrich wins those folks, 43%-29%. Romney, however, wins “somewhat conservative” voters, 51%-32%.

Among evangelical voters -- who make up four in 10 voters (versus nearly two in three in South Carolina) -- Gingrich wins, 39%-36%.

What’s more, 38% say they’re not satisfied with the GOP field and want someone else to run, and Romney and Gingrich essentially split those folks.

Finally, 41% believe that Romney isn’t conservative enough, and Gingrich beats him among those folks, 58%-11%.

Bottom line: Romney's projected victory is his most impressive to date (taking place outside New Hampshire, where he owns a home and was governor of neighboring Massachusetts). But he still hasn't closed the deal with the most conservative of GOP primary voters.