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Gingrich: Race will go to 'June or July - unless Romney drops out earlier'


ORLANDO, Fla -- Newt Gingrich remains confident his campaign will continue for months ahead no matter what happens in the Florida primary today.

“I’m not going to lose big here,” Gingrich told reporters about the election today. He added this campaign has a long road ahead: “I would say probably six months -- probably June or July -- unless Mitt Romney drops out earlier.”

Romney has taken what appears to be a commanding lead in the Sunshine State, according to polls, but the former House Speaker still believes he has a shot here.

“The early vote will all look very good for Romney, because it’s the absentees, where he spent millions of dollars before we got here,” Gingrich told reporters outside a polling location at First Baptist Church of Windermere. “We have had huge number of phone calls, tremendous amount of volunteers, and I want to see what happens tonight.”

Many wonder how Gingrich can continue if he loses in Florida -- a state heavily coveted by the Republicans in the general election. Fundraising will be key if the former Speaker hopes to take his campaign through to the convention. The campaign announced today on Twitter that it raised about $10 million in the final quarter of 2011 and has already raised $5 million in the month of January.

Gingrich has one message for anyone who doubts him after having written him off back in June and July and after Iowa as being “dead.”

“They are about as accurate as they have been the last two times they were wrong,” Gingrich said.

Not including the primary night party, Gingrich has four planned campaign stops Tuesday including two visits to polling sites. The Romney campaign added its only campaign event of the day to their schedule early Tuesday morning.

Gingrich will be here in Orlando as the results come in as polls begin to close while Romney will be just an hour West in Tampa -- the site of the Republican convention this year.