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Obama agenda: It's still Romney

The Washington Post's Dan Balz writes, "President Obama’s political advisers have long been preparing for a general-election contest against Republican Mitt Romney. What they have seen of the former Massachusetts governor in the past 30 days makes them think he will enter a fall campaign, if he survives a turbulent nomination battle, significantly weakened by self-inflicted wounds and a major strategic mistake."

"When he speaks to an assembly of employees at a UPS facility in Las Vegas today, President Barack Obama will be christening the opening of the country’s first multistate, natural gas-powered transit corridor, and laying out the road map for a greater domestic energy strategy." The Las Vegas Sun reports. "The president’s energy plan, which he introduced in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, has three core components: the safe and responsible development of oil and gas, the creation of clean-energy jobs in the U.S., and increasing energy efficiency, with a special focus on the industrial sector. That begins at the UPS facility in Las Vegas."