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Pro-Gingrich Super PAC going up with $6 million Fla. ad buy


A day after it was revealed that the wife of a casino magnate, Miriam Adelson, had written a pro-Gingrich Super PAC a $5 million check, that group, Winning Our Future, says it is going up with a $6 million ad buy in Florida.

"I fully expect Newt to win Florida," Winning Our Future spokesman Rick Tyler told NBC News. "I think if he does win, this nomination process will be a lot shorter than all the pundits predicted.”

A Republican ad buying firm, Smart Media Delta, working with NBC News, confirms Winning Our Future is in the process of making 30-second and 60-second ad buys across the state.

One of the ads running will be a hard-hitting attack ad on Romney's health-care plan and for having said, "My views are progressive." (View the ad here, posted by The Washington Post, which first reported the news of the ad buy.)

“I think this is bold and new,” Tyler said. "And we have something old up already."

Winning Our Future currently has three ads running in the state, and they’re all positive Gingrich ads -- "Prosperity," "Jobs," and "Fighter." This new one will be added to the rotation tomorrow.

Gingrich and his allies have been outspent $14 million to $500,000 in Florida up until now by the Romney campaign and Restore Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Romney. Restore Our Future has expanded its ad buys outside of Florida, NBC News learned this afternoon. They are the first PAC to go on air in Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona now as well.