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Pro-Romney Super PAC expands to MI, NV, AZ; new Super PAC on scene

Restore Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney spending about $9 million million in Florida to bolster him, is expanding its buys to Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to the GOP ad tracking firm Smart Media Delta.

They are the first PAC on air in those states. The Romney and Paul campaigns are also on air there.

Another Super PAC is on the scene in Florida -- "Super PAC USA," also known as "Super PAC for America." The word is the ad the group is running is anti-Romney. Super PAC USA has been linked to Dick Morris.

The PAC's website is sparse; it has just a photo of Ronald Reagan. It has booked a $218,000 buy on Fox News.

The site is registered to Nancy Watkins, a CPA from Tampa, who's become something of a clearinghouse for Super PACs. She apparently has 32 registered in her name, including "Ending Spending." She also was doing work with former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, according to a Florida blog.

She describes herself this way on her Twitter account: "Nancy Watkins is highly experienced and respected in campaign finance law compliance & has served political orgs throughout the country for more than 25 years."