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Total ad spending in SC: $13 million


In the race for tomorrow's South Carolina Republican primary, the campaigns and Super PACs have spent more than $13 million in advertising in the state, according to Smart Media Group Delta, the ad-tracking firm partnering with NBC News.

Leading the pack are the Romney campaign ($1.9 million) and the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future ($2.5 million). Another pro-Romney Super PAC, Citizens for a Working America, has spent $264,000.

That combined $4.7 million by Romney and his supporters is nearly twice what the Perry campaign and his allies spent in South Carolina ($2.5 million), as well as the Gingrich campaign and his supporters ($2.4 million).

Looking ahead to the next contest -- Florida on Jan. 31 -- Team Romney and allies are also dominating the Sunshine State, where Restore Our Future has spent $4 million and the Romney campaign has spent $3.3 million. No other GOP candidate or Super PAC is advertising in Florida (though AFSCME has an anti-Romney ad airing there).

***  UPDATE *** A Republican source tells First Read that the pro-Santorum Red, White, and Blue Fund has spent $225,000 in Florida. That amount did not show up in the ad-tracking figures.

In Iowa, the total spending was more than $16 million; in New Hampshire, it was more than $5 million. And $47.5 million has been spent in all states by all 2012 advertisers.

South Carolina breakdown
Restore Our Future PAC (pro-Romney) $2.5 million
Mitt Romney $1.9 million
Make Us Great Again PAC (pro-Perry) $1.9 million
Winning Our Future PAC (pro-Gingrich) $1.7 million
Ron Paul $1.4 million
Rick Santorum $936k
Red White and Blue Fund (pro-Santorum) $775k
Newt Gingrich $640k
Rick Perry $592k
Santa Rita PAC (pro-Paul) $324k
Citizens for a Working America (pro-Romney) $264k
Our Destiny PAC (pro-Huntsman) $50k
Revolution PAC (pro-Paul) $32k

Florida breakdown
Restore Our Future PAC $4 million
Mitt Romney $3.3 million
AFSCME $931k