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Paul: This is a 'two-man race'

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Ron Paul says this is now a "two-man race" for the GOP nomination between him and Mitt Romney. 

Paul said recent South Carolina endorsements show "it is a two-man race.” He acknowledged Romney’s lead, but added, “That doesn’t mean things can’t change."

Ron Paul was flanked at the event here inside the state capitol by Republican State Sen. Tom Davis, who endorsed Paul on Sunday; and three other state Sens. Kevin Bryant, Lee Bright and Danny Verdin, endorsed him today. They said Paul reflects their values and belief in the constitution.

“I am very pleased," Paul said, "and I thank them for coming forward. It represents another shot in the arm for the campaign. The campaign has been doing very, very well. We did very well in Iowa. We did well in New Hampshire, and it looks like with the momentum that’s building now.”

The Texas Congressman was asked if Romney wins the primary, would he continue to challenge the former Massachusetts governor or be pressured to coalesce behind him.

“Of course, he’s not going to win the nomination on Saturday,” Paul said with a laugh. “Why should everybody walk away if he wins this primary? You have to wait and see where all the delegates are. An election is to get the maximum number of delegates, so I will continue to do it. To think a debate is non-productive? To me, capitulation and going along and being pressured by the establishment leadership and just say, 'Hey, we don’t want any debate. We don’t want to be rocking the boat and cutting a trillion dollars out of the budget.' We don’t want to hear that. Well, I might just continue to talk about cutting a trillion dollars out of the budget. I think that’s legitimate, I think I have a responsibility.

Paul will hold two more events today, in Spartanburg and Rock Hill.