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Breaking down the ad spending in South Carolina


By now, you've heard of the TV ad war taking place in South Carolina. And you've probably seen some of the ads (on First Read or on YouTube), even if you aren’t in the Palmetto State.

But who is winning it?

Well, the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future is leading the ad-spending pack in South Carolina, having purchased nearly $2.2 million of airtime so far in the state, according to Smart Media Group Delta, the ad-tracking firm partnering with NBC News.

Next is the pro-Perry Super PAC Make Us Great Again at $1.9 million -- followed by the pro-Gingrich Winning Our Future at $1.8 million, the Romney campaign at $1.2 million, the Paul campaign at $890,000, the pro-Santorum Red White and Blue Fund at $767,000, and the Perry camp at $592,000.

After that, it's the Santorum campaign at $434,000, the pro-Paul Super PAC Santa Rita PAC at $324,000, the Gingrich camp at $238,000, and the pro-Huntsman Our Destiny PAC at $50,000.

And here are the leaders for just this week: Restore Our Future $1 million, Winning Our Future $787,000, Romney $446,000, Perry $373,000, Red White and Blue $338,000, and Santorum $336,000.

For next week, both Restore Our Future and Winning Our Future have each purchased nearly $1 million in airtime.