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First lady joins Twitter


In a sign that campaign season must fully be underway, first lady Michelle Obama has joined Twitter, launching her own verified account.

The first lady -- under the handle @MichelleObama -- made her first tweet at about 8 a.m. ET, and by late morning had accumulated over 58,000 followers.

The first tweet on the account, read:

We're excited today to launch @michelleobama as a new way for you to connect with First Lady Michelle Obama and the President's campaign.

The account, though, won't be managed by Obama herself; rather, staff members at the president's re-election campaign will manage the account. Staff clarified in a second tweet that the account would be “managed by campaign staff, with any tweets from the First Lady herself signed ‘-mo.’” The account follows five campaign and White House-related accounts.

“This is just another way the first lady is reaching out to connect with people directly,” said a senior campaign staffer.

The campaign also points out that the first lady has over 6 million Facebook followers, and Twitter is just another way to communicate with people.

When a tweet from Obama appears -- there is a good chance the first lady will send out a signed tweet on Thursday -- it won't be her first ever, just the first on this account. 

Last October, Obama sent her first tweet from the @JoiningForces account to support that initiative, which is meant to support military members and their families.