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Congress: Buffett challenges McConnell

“Warren Buffett tells Time magazine he is ready to call Republicans' tax bluff. Last fall, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that if Buffett was feeling ‘guilty’ about paying too little in taxes, he should ‘send in a check,’” Political Wire writes. “So, he is willing to take them up on it and has pledged to match one for one all such voluntary contributions made by Republican members of Congress. Said Buffett: ‘And, I'll even go three for one for McConnell.’”

NBC’s Luke Russert and Frank Thorp reports on a memo sent around by GOP leadership in the House on the way forward for the next several weeks, including this on the payroll tax cut: “Given the reasonableness of the House-passed bill, and given the work that has already been done, there is no reason this bill cannot be completed swiftly and with little acrimony. Frankly, the only way this process will not go smoothly and through regular order is if the White House chooses to disrupt it for political reasons.”