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Huntsman to stay in despite likely third-place finish in N.H.

Despite his likely third-place finish in New Hampshire, Jon Huntsman will stay in the race, his campaign tells First Read.

"Of course, [We] were left for dead just three days ago, and look how much ground we've gained in that short time," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said when asked if Huntsman will continue on even if he finishes behind Ron Paul. "We are very excited about our momentum."

Huntsman senior advisor John Weaver says despite Romney's win, the campaign believes Mitt Romney leaves New Hampshire as a weaker frontrunner because of what Weaver calls Romney's verbal flubs over the last few days.

Reached just after NBC News projected Paul would come in second, Weaver said, "Our fundraising has picked up since the debate; our donor community is very excited about the way we finished the campaign, and we are heading to South Carolina."

Weaver added that Huntsman's message in his speech tonight is that he put "Country First" -- and Romney put politics first.