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Romney's stronger performance among conservatives


One thing happens when you win a contest as decisively as Mitt Romney is projected to do tonight in New Hampshire: You run up impressive numbers across the board.

And maybe the biggest early takeaway from Romney's performance in New Hampshire, according to the exit polls, is his stronger showing among conservative voters.

Just like the crosstabs from last week's NBC/Marist poll foreshadowed, Romney performed much better among conservatives, Tea Party supporters, and evangelicals than he did in Iowa.

For instance, Romney leads Rick Santorum among "very conservative" GOP primary voters, 30%-29%. But last week in Iowa, Romney only got 14% of the very conservative vote (compared with Santorum's 35% in the Hawkeye State.

Among evangelicals, Romney gets support from 27% of them (versus Santorum's 26%). Last week? He only got 14% from self-described evangelicals.

And among Tea Party supporters, Romney gets support from 37% of them, according to the exits -- another improvement for the Massachusetts governor.

(All that said, Romney's "very conservative" support in New Hampshire was higher in '08, at 43%.)