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Pro-Romney Super PAC has now spent $7m -- and counting


Restore Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney's presidential bid, has placed a new $1.7 million ad buy in Florida, bringing its total spending to $7 million and counting, according to Smart Media Group Delta, the ad-tracking firm partnering with NBC News.

By comparison, the well-financed Romney campaign so far has spent just $5.5 million in advertising. 

Restore Our Future -- run by former top aides to Romney's 2008 presidential campaign -- has spent $2.7 million in Iowa, $1.7 million in South Carolina, and $2.6 million in Florida.

Here are the totals in the GOP Super PAC race:
Restore Our Future $7 million
Make Us Great Again (pro-Perry) $3.4 million
Our Destiny PAC (pro-Huntsman) $2.1 million
Winning Our Future (pro-Gingrich) $1.3 million
Red White and Blue Fund (pro-Santorum) $694,000
Santa Rita PAC (pro-Paul) $324,000

Note: While Winning Our Future will reportedly spend $3.4 million in South Carolina, Smart Media Group Delta has yet to see a buy of that size.