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Obama agenda: Daley's out

“President Obama announced the abrupt resignation of White House chief of staff William Daley on Monday, a momentous shake-up in his administration that comes as his re-election effort heats up,” USA Today writes, adding, Jack “Lew will be Obama's third chief of staff as he enters his fourth year in office, not including Pete Rouse, a White House counselor who served as acting chief before Daley took the job. By contrast, George W. Bush had only two staff chiefs in eight years. Clinton and Ronald Reagan had four over eight years.”

More: “Daley, 63, who remains at the White House until after the president delivers his State of the Union speech later this month, will be named a co-chairman of Obama's re-election campaign, according to a senior campaign official who requested anonymity because the campaign has yet to officially announce the appointment.”

The L.A. Times: “After a frustrating year of setbacks and bruising fights with Republicans, President Obama accepted the resignation of Chief of Staff William Daley and turned to a Washington veteran in an attempt to improve White House operations and the administration's dealings with Congress.”

Bloomberg: “The departure of White House Chief of Staff William Daley reflects President Barack Obama’s choice to abandon a strategy of seeking accommodation with congressional Republicans and his critics in corporate America. Daley’s resignation a year after taking the job is a ‘not inevitable but logical consequence’ of Obama’s movement since September toward confrontation with Congress, said William Galston, who was a domestic policy adviser to former President Bill Clinton.”

Politico’s Thrush: “Bill Daley was never a great fit inside the West Wing. He had an even rockier relationship with key Hill Democrats, especially Harry Reid, so the tears aren’t exactly flowing today — even though most White House staffers bear no personal animosity to Daley.”