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Gingrich campaign pulls out of HQ event


MANCHESTER, NH -- On the eve of the primary New Hampshire, the Newt Gingrich campaign canceled an event at their state headquarters here for "security concerns."

"My apologies for having to cancel tonight's event. We had security concerns regarding the entrance and exit from our headquarters,” Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond told reporters over the phone on the press phone.

Gingrich was scheduled to have a meet and greet with supporters inside his New Hampshire headquarters tonight where volunteers gathered to hear him speak rather than make phone calls the night before the first-in-the-nation primary. Roughly 75 people crammed inside the small office as almost as many protesters gathered outside on the sidewalk shouting and holding signs. Among them were dozens of Ron Paul supporters, Occupy protesters and supporters of long shot presidential candidate Vermin Supreme.

After the traveling press were inside for about 30-minutes, a Gingrich staffer came around and told the press to quietly go get back on the bus.

On the way back out through the crowd of volunteers, NH State Director Andrew Hemingway told a few reporters on passing that the event at the HQ was canceled and Speaker Gingrich was not coming there. Volunteers in earshot were disappointed and began whispering and asking each other what was going on.

Those loyal volunteers, the campaign said, would be taken care of.

“What we have done is combined both events and our New Hampshire staff is currently inviting our hard working volunteers to join us for football” up the road in Concord, Hammond said. “Folks will come on up and for those who can't make it, we will reach out to you separately."

Gingrich’s security decided to pull out of the event before the Speaker ever came in the building though the campaign gave "no comment on security operations" other then saying they do not believe "the good voting public of New Hampshire” is a threat.